4th Grade Central Manor Luau

Get the scoop about the 4th Grade Luau from 4th Grade reporters Evelyn and Caroline:

On March 18, the fourth grade had a luau.  There were three twenty minute stations. One was crafts.  There we made necklaces with tissue paper flowers. The next station was food.  There, we tried soup, fruit, punch, and coconut.  The last station was games. At that station, we played the limbo.

There were many kind adults.  They donated food or many other things, and some even stayed to help!  We had this luau to celebrate our last region in content, the west region.  It was great, and I hope the kids next year can enjoy it too!

By:  Evelyn

In 4th grade, we had a luau. We had the luau because we finished all of our regions in the United States! At the luau, there were games, crafts, food, and fun!! Let me tell you about it. Some of the games that were there were limbo and a game that you have a piece of string tied to a paper clip and a balloon. One of the paper clips broke, so we had to just bop the balloon with the string and ball. Then when you crossed the yellow line you would take the balloon back to the person behind you. Whichever team finishes first wins!

All of the food there was Hawaiian Punch, Ramen Noodles, and a fruit cup with an extra cup of coconut that you can sprinkle on the fruit. The craft we did was a lei. It was messy and hard to do, but it was fun! The luau was a blast!
By:  Caroline