A Few Friendly Reminders


We want to share with you a few “end of the year” friendly reminders:

School Dress

*As the weather gets warmer, please be sure that your child is wearing school appropriate clothing.  The following is from our school handbook:

Shorts should be long enough to reach fingertips when students are standing up straight.  Spaghetti strap shirts and muscle shirts will not be permitted.

We encourage flip-flops or sandal-like shoes to have a backing on the heel.  Loose flip-flops are a safety hazard as students walk up and down stairs.


*Our school office must have an excuse slip for your child’s absence within three days of the day missed.  After three days, the absence becomes marked as unlawful in our school system. Excessive days absent, including excessive unlawful days may result in a “School Attendance Improvement Plan” meeting.  Educational trips must get approval in advance.  Please see our blog to download a pre-approved trip form or have your child request a copy from the office.