Important Update for PM Meals

Free Meals Through June 2021

Lacrosse Club Opportunity for Youth Boys – Sat. Oct. 17th

Lacross Club Flyer

Penn Manor Covid Notification

CM Community, please click here to read a letter from Dr. Leichliter.

Mark Your Calendars

Important information for Gr. 3-6 – Group A and B Families:

School is closed on Monday, October 12. As a result, Group A will meet in person on Tuesday (10/13) and Wednesday (10/14). Group B will meet in person on Thursday (10/15) and Friday (10/16). There will be no online instruction on Wednesday (10/14).

There is no school for students on Friday, November 6. (K-12 In-service day) As a result, Group A will meet in person Monday (11/2) and Tuesday (11/3) and Group B will meet in person Wednesday (11/4) and Thursday (11/5). There will be no online instruction on Wednesday (11/4).

Virtual Wednesday Reminders for Grades 3-6

Parents—we are seeking your help so your child can get the best virtual learning experience during our virtual Wednesday sessions.  Teachers are planning lessons for online learning on Wednesdays, and we ask that all students approach these days with the educational commitment as if they were in the classroom.  We recognize that this is new and NOT how we wish it could be, but our teachers are committed to providing quality instruction during these times.   Here are reminders about appropriate conduct during a google meet with CM teachers:

  • Children should be in front of their laptops, seated and ready to learn.
  • Cameras should be on at all times during the session for all children during the lesson.
  • Students should pick one location to remain for the duration of the lesson.  This location should be an appropriate learning space.   
  • If children need to leave camera for a restroom break or another reason, they need to ask permission from their teacher to leave the meet or turn their camera off.
  • Messages sent to the chat during the lesson are reserved for instructional purposes ONLY.
  • Children should refrain from eating while on their meets. Please use the break time between subjects if a snack is needed.
  • Work space should be free of pets and toys since these are distracting to our learners.
  • Parents are encouraged to support their learner at home, but to not actively participate in the lessons.   

Moving forward, Mr. Malek and Mrs. Suydam ask all grade 3-6 students to show Central Manor leadership during online learning sessions. We plan to visit your virtual sessions this Wednesday. Thank you for helping us as we navigate these new online lessons.

PTO Update

Two important updates from PTO:

*If you would like to add your family to the PTO e-mail list, please click here to fill out this short form.

*There is a VIRTUAL PTO meeting being held this Thursday, September 24th at 6:30 PM. Attend from the comfort of your home! All you have to do is click here to join the meeting.

Community Feedback Wanted

CM Families, please consider taking a moment to fill out this survey.

Penn Manor School District is seeking input from the community to help develop a recommendation for the Board of School Directors to consider during its public meeting on Monday, September 21. The administration is considering a possible recommendation to have all students (K-12) physically return to school five days a week instead of continuing with the current Blended Learning schedule. If this were to occur, Penn Manor would continue to follow the health and safety precautions now in place. However, with all students physically in school, there would be limitations on social distancing in classrooms and more students on buses, in hallways and in cafeterias. Please provide your input by completing this survey by 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, September 15. We appreciate your valuable feedback. 

Virtual Back to School

Although we wish circumstances were different and we could welcome each and every one of our families into our building, we realize the need to adjust our practices.

This year, we bring to you a virtual back to school night in hopes that you will have a greater understanding of your child’s classroom and teacher practices.

Click HERE to take a virtual tour of our building.

Check out the CM staff by clicking on their names below!

Mrs. Glenn – KDG

Mrs. Kinser – KDG

Mrs. Devenburgh – 1st Grade

Mrs. Mattern – 1st Grade

Mrs. Saxton – 1st Grade

Mrs. Eichler – 2nd Grade

Mrs. DeLong – 2nd Grade

Mrs. Kyle – 2nd Grade

Mrs. Mader – 2nd Grade

Mrs. McNeely – 3rd Grade (in for Mrs. Collins)

Mrs. Stephan – 3rd Grade

Mrs. Treier – 3rd Grade

Mrs. Wise – 3rd Grade

Mrs. Neumann – 4th Grade

Mrs. Piatt – 4th Grade

Mr. Soto – 4th Grade

Mrs. Wiggins – 4th Grade

Mr. Nolt – 5th Grade

Mrs. Loreto – 5th Grade

Mrs. O’Donnell – 5th Grade

Miss Winder – 5th Grade

Mrs. Brinkman – 6th Grade

Miss Feaster – 6th Grade

Mr. Kersic – 6th Grade

Mrs. Schoelkopf – 6th Grade

Mrs. Flores – Academic Support

Mrs. Johnson – Academic Support

Miss O’Brien – Academic Support

Miss Martin – Learning Support

Miss Shemonski – Learning Support

Mr. Sellers – Gifted Education

Miss Tracy – Speech

Mrs. Compton – Art

Mr. Binkley – Physical Education

Mr. Andrew – Applied Engineering

Mrs. Repkoe – Music

Mrs. Painter – Library

Mrs. Houck – ESL

Ms. Almoney – Instrumental Music

Mrs. Gentile – School Psychologist

Transportation/Car Riders for 8/31 and Beyond

For Monday, August 31st and beyond – if you plan on having your child be a car rider, please call the Central Manor office as early as possible, preferably no later than 2:00 PM.

If you have already completed, our Google Form Transportation questionnaire, please call Central Manor tomorrow (717) 872-1401, so Mrs. Smith can confirm your child is on the car rider list:

Group 1 (3:15 PM)

Group 2 (3:25 PM)

You will get your child’s car placard tomorrow.

Group B Students – For 8/31

Monday, August 31st is the first day for ALL students in the Penn Manor School District regardless of Group A or Group B designation for students in grades 3-6. For gr. 3-6 families, if your child is GROUP B and you have not seen this information, please have your child review the following.

Group A: (gr. 3-6) first physical day: Monday, August 31st

Group B: (gr. 3-6) first physical day: Tuesday, September 1st.

3rd Grade – please refer to the third grade blog by clicking here. There is also a “Welcome to Third Grade” assignment that can be completed for Group B students on Monday, August 31st.

4th Grade – Group B students who will not be coming to school on Monday, August 31st will be asked to complete this assignment and bring into school on Tuesday, September 1st.

5th Grade – Group B Students who will not be coming to school on Monday August 31st will be doing a project that will be posted in their Google Classroom. They will bring in their supplies the next day! Please watch this LOOM VIDEO from 5th grade.   

6th Grade – please check your Penn Manor e-mail. Group B assignments have been uploaded to Google Classroom.