PTO Survey – Looking Forward to 2018-2019

CM Families!  Please consider taking a few minutes to fill out a brief PTO survey.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated in helping PTO plan for events next year.  Thanks for your time.

For 6th Grade Families

6th Grade Families – the sixth graders had a successful visit today to Manor Middle School.  The students toured the building, met with Dr. Edwards and Dr. Keddie, as well as met with the Peer Helpers. (middle school student group)  Manor Middle gave each student a “fact sheet” which your child should have shared with you.  There is one important “SAVE THE DATE” that Manor Middle wants you to know!

“Back to School Night” (for parents only) – Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 from 6:00-8:00 PM.  This evening will be held AT MANOR MIDDLE.

Olympic Day Update for 5/17 and 5/18

Parents!  Unfortunately, it looks HIGHLY UNLIKELY that we will be able to hold our Olympic Day events the next two days.  Please stay tuned as we look to provide an update as early as possible for Thursday morning, as there was not a RAIN DATE originally scheduled.

A Few Friendly Reminders


We want to share with you a few “end of the year” friendly reminders:

School Dress

*As the weather gets warmer, please be sure that your child is wearing school appropriate clothing.  The following is from our school handbook:

Shorts should be long enough to reach fingertips when students are standing up straight.  Spaghetti strap shirts and muscle shirts will not be permitted.

We encourage flip-flops or sandal-like shoes to have a backing on the heel.  Loose flip-flops are a safety hazard as students walk up and down stairs.


*Our school office must have an excuse slip for your child’s absence within three days of the day missed.  After three days, the absence becomes marked as unlawful in our school system. Excessive days absent, including excessive unlawful days may result in a “School Attendance Improvement Plan” meeting.  Educational trips must get approval in advance.  Please see our blog to download a pre-approved trip form or have your child request a copy from the office.

Penn Manor Spring Fling

For new families to our district – “Spring Fling” is an annual gathering hosted by the Penn Manor High School, however, it is open for ALL Penn Manor families at all levels: elementary, middle and high school.  Please read on:

This year’s Spring Fling will be held on Friday evening, May 4th at Comet Field. As usual, there will be fireworks, food, games, inflatables, the ice pool of terror, and a hot dog eating contest. This year there are many new things to look forward to! The Army will be bringing a mobile usability lab exhibit. The exhibit offers different simulations such as distracted driving and humvee operation. A new and exciting game called the ping pong toss is coming to Spring Fling this year. You can compete against your friends to win a prize! Wristbands for access to all inflatables will cost $15 per student. You can purchase additional wristbands for immediate family members for $10. Come out to Spring Fling on Friday, May 4 for a great time with your friends and family!


Academic Spirit Week – April 3rd to April 6th

Parents!  We are holding a week long “Academic Spirit Week” during the week of April 3-6 to get us ready for the PSSA the following week that begins on April 10th.  We hope your child can participate in as many days as possible.  As always, we want to remind you that spirit days are optional. Please make the best decisions that work for your family.

Tuesday, April 3:  “Central Manor Proud”  – Wear Blue & Gold

Wednesday, April 4:  “Show Your Super Smarts” – Dress like your favorite super hero

Thursday, April 5:  “Put On Your Thinking Caps” – Wear your favorite hat

Friday, April 6:  “Relax, We Can Do It” – Wear pajamas or sweatpants/sportswear

Update for March 21st

The Penn Manor School District is now closed for Wednesday, March 21st.

Weather Delay for Wednesday, March 21st

The Penn Manor School District is operating on a two hour delay with modified kindergarten for Wednesday, March 21st, 2018.

6th Grade Family Invite: Parent Forum

For Current 6th Grade Families:  Manor Middle School is holding a parent forum on DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP and are inviting all families of incoming 7th graders for 2018-2019.  

Please plan to join us for a parent forum at Manor Middle School on Wed., March 14th (5 PM – 6 PM.) The topic of discussion will be Digital Citizenship. In accordance with best practices, the purpose of this forum is to help to create a positive school culture that supports safe and responsible technology use…addressing the real challenges of internet safety for parents, teachers, and students.

Penn Manor School District – CLOSED – March 7th

Due to inclement weather, the Penn Manor School District is closed for Wednesday, March 7th.  All schools and offices are closed.