Automated Attendance Calls

Parents – the Penn Manor School District is beginning to roll out a new automated attendance system that will call parents as a courtesy reminder when their child is absent. (currently grades 1-6 only – NOT KDG)  This system is already running at the secondary level.  At the elementary level, Central Manor is piloting this system.  The system will begin to make phone calls at 10:00 AM for all children who are marked absent in our computer system.  This would NOT apply to students who were pre-approved for a trip or who arrived late and are accounted for.  Our system will make a phone call to the parent/legal guardian who is labeled as the first point of contact in our system.  Currently, the system does not call all contacts, just the first contact.  If you ever think that you’ve received a call in error, please do not hesitate to contact the school office at 872-1401.