Car Rider Dismissal

If you plan on picking your child up from school in the car line please send a note to school.

**New Procedure for Car Line**

The dismissal car line will be in the BACK parking lot of our building. By moving our car line to the back parking lot of the building, we feel this will decrease the congestion of cars, buses, and other staff exiting the building during the 3:25-3:40 PM time-frame.

This new procedure will also be a big change as students will now be walked to cars by staff members. Cars will no longer exit one, by one, but once all students are safely seated in cars, only then will our car line move. It is imperative that parents understand this new procedure.

We ask that parents do not begin arriving before 3:15 PM, arriving prior to this time may impact staff who are attempting to leave. Arriving early to be the first in line will NOT ensure your departure before buses, again cars will no longer exit one by one. All students will be loaded and then the car line will be dismissed.

To avoid any MORNING CONFUSION- our AM drop-off line remains on the gym side of our building. This new procedure is ONLY for afternoon dismissal!

Please look closely at the diagram on the back of this page and it will explain to you how to enter/exit the back parking lot.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the office at 717-872-1401.