Central Manor Water Update Letter

Dear Central Manor Families:

This is a letter to keep you up to date that on Friday, October 26th, Central Manor was
limited in our water usage due to a broken part in our water system. As a precaution, we
did not allow students to drink the water from our fountains. Every common area and
classroom water fountain was posted with a water advisory sign. We did have full use of
water in our bathrooms for toileting and hand washing purposes. **Please click on the link below for more specific information regarding our water situation.**
Bottled water was distributed to students and staff to use throughout the day. We foresee
having to use water bottles into next week. Please know, your child is always welcome to
bring a water bottle at home for personal use throughout the day.
I will be sure to inform you when we are back to full, regular water usage. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or e-mail at my contact
information below.


Brian K. Malek
(717) 872-1401 x3201