CM Celebrates “National Book Week”

The Central Manor Academic Support Team (AST) recently held a week long literacy celebration, all centered around National Book Week.  All classrooms and students were encouraged to participate in different activities and spirit days throughout the week.

On Wednesday – students were allowed to have “READcess.”  Not to be confused with “recess,” all classrooms were allowed to find a special spot to read at the end of the day.  Some classrooms read in the hallways and some classrooms ventured outside.




















On Thursday, all classrooms were invited to visit a “Rocking Reader!” District Literacy Coach, Mrs.  Barb Kamen enjoyed reading with classrooms all day at the beach.











To end a great week, on Friday we had “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character” Day.  Mrs. Mattern and her 3rd grade class took full advantage of this fun day!  Also, check out the Harry Potter twins!