CM Ends “National Book Week” With Amazing Characters!

It was a GREAT ending to a fun week!  Central Manor celebrated “National Children’s Book Week” by having many fun activities planned.  On Friday, students and teachers were encouraged to “Dress Like a Book Character.”  Many students (AND TEACHERS) came to school as book characters.  Take a peek below, do you see any characters you recognize?  At the end of the day on Friday, the entire school had READcess.  If you have no idea what “READcess” is…be sure to ask your child!











During the week, Central Manor students voted by grade level, for their FAVORITE BOOK.  Here are the results:

6th grade: Winning by only 2 votes- The winner is Skeleton Creek
5th grade: After a tie between 2 books, the 5th grade teachers voted and the winner is The Lost Hero
4th grade: The winner is Lemonade War
3rd grade: The winner (very close) is Upchuck and the Rotten Willy
2nd grade: The winner is Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon
1st grade: The winner is Scaredy Squirrel

And finally, PARENTS and TEACHERS, check out this link below! (Thanks Mrs. Ashworth)  It provides you with many “book lists” – chosen by CHILDREN and TEACHERS.  This could be a great resource in picking SUMMER READING for your child.