CM Mileage Club

Mileage Club will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays

What you will need to do

1. Sign in at the office and get the bucket of clothespins and clipboards.  It’s usually located under the sign in table, ask a secretary if you can’t find it.
2. The starting point for mileage club is about 1/2 way between the baseball field and the swing set.
3.  Each time the kids finish a lap (and pass by you) they will grab a clothespin out of the bucket.
4. When a student is finished running, or when it’s almost time to go inside, the kids should tell you how many laps they ran.  1 clothespin/lap!  Kids should quit running when the class before their class is called…this will give the kids time to finish the lap they are on, report their number of laps, and line up before their class enters the building without them.
5.  The teachers are listed in “recess order” on the clipboard.  Find the teacher, then the students name, and record the number of laps the student ran
6.  Return the bucket and clothespins to the office at 1:30 pm after the last class goes inside.

Both clipboards contain the same information.  You only need to record a student’s laps on one of the clipboards.  The laps from each clipboard will be totaled to get each student’s total number of laps.  If we have rain or snow, there is no mileage club.  Call the office close to 11:30 am if you are unsure if mileage club will be held due to poor weather conditions.

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