CM Student Council Shows LEADERSHIP at MU Parade

Student Council recently represented the students and teachers at Central Manor by incorporating our “LEADERS” traits into a circus theme for the Millersville University Homecoming Parade. Each trait was a different act in the Central Manor Student Council Circus. Listening was represented by our Ring Leader as she grabbed the crowd’s attention and got them to Listen. Lion Tamers were very Encouraging to their lion as they taught the lion to complete a variety of tricks. Our clowns represented our leaders’ positive Attitudes towards school and learning. Our human cannon ball was Determined to make it out of the cannon safely as our Enthusiastic “strong man” pulled him through the town. Our Responsible police officer ensured that everyone in the circus remained safe and in the right space at the right time. Finally our other acts were very Sincere as they cheered on the tight rope walkers and the crowds in Millersville.

Way to go Central Manor Student Council!  You are LEADERS!

CM Student Council (The “D” IS THERE – it was on the cannon!)

Step Right Up, Step Right Up!  Check out the CM Leaders Circus!

Look at Those CM Teachers Having Fun!  (Can you recognize them?)