District Lunch Notice for Parents


School Meal Charges and Accounts

The district permits students to incur reasonable charges for school meals. In an effort to ensure the effective operation of the district’s food service program, the district establishes the following procedures for student payment of school meals.

At the Elementary Level –Meals will always be provided to students as per federal regulations. Students will not be permitted to purchase a la carte items when they have a negative balance for charged lunches.

At the Secondary Level – Students who have exhausted their lunch account and reach a negative balance of $5.00 will only be permitted to purchase the featured main line lunch until the negative balance has been paid.  A la carte items may not be purchased until negative lunch balances are resolved.

****a la carte items include but may not be limited to the following:  Milk, cookies, chips, bottled water, and all other items available for purchase by school*****