HUGE P.T.O. Update!

CM BOOK FAIR – Held this week at Central Manor on the following dates:
Monday, Nov. 12            9:15-3:15
Tuesday, Nov. 13           9:15 -3:15
Wednesday, Nov. 14     9:15 – 8 PM
Feel free to stop in and shop with your child!



WOW!  You helped our PTO raise over $2,000 during our fall Box Top Blitz.  Congratulations to Mrs. Mader’s class for earning a pizza party for bringing in the most box tops for this contest.  We will be holding another BOX TOP BLITZ in early 2013.  Keep collecting box tops at home, and feel free to put your kids to work trimming them around the dotted line!  It’s a huge help to our ” Box Top Queen.”

PTO Meeting 

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 20 at 9:30 AM.  We’ll meet in the faculty room to finalize plans for the end of the year. There will be no PTO meeting in December.


Thanks to your support, the students in our school helped the PTO raise $17, 600 for Central Manor! Come to the PTO meeting in November to find out what exciting new item our PTO will be purchasing for the students at CM!  We will reveal this “surprise” to the students at the Nov. 30th Shine time!


Do you need  gift cards for holiday gifts, or even for your own family?  Buy them through Central Manor! You will pay the same as you would in a store, but we’ll save you time because the cards will be delivered right to school.  Central Manor receives a small profit from each gift card that is purchased! Check out the purple SCRIPTS packet that came home family count from the PTO.

Order by NOVEMBER 13 – Gift cards will come home on or before 11/20.

Order by DECEMBER 4 – Gift cards will come home on or before 12/11.

Order by December 12 – Gift cards will come home on or before 12/20.  This will be the final order date.

Questions can be directed to Charlotte Ney –  or feel free to call 717 – 342 – 2218.


Do you know what “lasagna gardening” is?  What do you get when you put 1,000 Red Wiggler Worms in a big plastic tub? Has your child ever dug up a sweet potato in the fall? Have your kids ever tasted sugar snap peas fresh off the vine? Why are pollinators important to a garden? What is a purple martin and how does it help my garden?

To find out answers to these questions, stop by the Central Manor School Garden table during the upcoming Parent-Teacher conferences.  “Why all the garden questions?” you may ask.  The answer is that a plan to design, build, use, and sustain a teaching garden is “taking root” right on our own school grounds.  The concept is to create a garden area that will be a “hands-on” resource for teachers to incorporate into their curriculum. Preparing soil, planting seeds, measuring and charting growth, harvesting produce and tasting that harvest will leave a lasting impression on our children.

The garden is being designed to be self-sustaining and to incorporate “green” techniques including rain water collection, composting, and introduction of natural predators to keep pests in check.  The gardens will be located on the west side of the school in the former kindergarten play area.  To start the project, we will build several raised beds in coordination with area Boy Scouts.   You’ll note that some bushes in this area are already being removed, and we are aiming to have our students plant their first crop in the early spring.

We have a very real need for the help of parents, community businesses, and other garden-loving neighbors. The good news is that you don’t need to know a thing about gardening to lend a hand.  If you have experience in Landscaping, Promotion, Grant writing, Carpentry, Advertising, Construction, Graphic Design, Organizing, Gardening, Horticulture OR simply have a strong back and a willingness to help – WE CAN USE YOU! Feel free to contact Grace Julian with any comments or questions at