Ice Bucket READING Challenge!












Dear Central Manor Students!  I have been seeing a lot of people online recently being very silly.  They are dumping ice cold buckets of water on their heads!  Why are they doing this?  They are actually doing it for charity, so despite it sounding like a zany idea, it’s actually for a great cause.  This got me thinking…..

How about an elementary school twist to this fun idea?  I am hereby challenging all Central Manor students to participate in the Mr. Malek Ice Bucket READING Challenge!  If at least 100 students read for at least 100 minutes during these last two weeks of summer vacation, then on the 1st day of school, you will all get to see a huge bucket of ice water dumped on my head!  (and believe me….the teachers I’m sure will make sure it’s ICE COLD!)

Happy Reading,

Mr. Malek

P.S.  Click on the form and print out to track your minutes.  If you do not have a printer at home, your minutes on a regular piece of paper will be fine too! (newspapers and magazines are acceptable too!)  Encourage your CM friends to read, read, read!