Kids Heart Challenge Update

The Penn Manor School District continued its annual tradition this year by participating in the 2019-2020 American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge.  I was very excited to announce back in March that Central Manor was able to raise over $12,000 during this years’ event.  Way to go CM!  As a reward for participating in the event, the American Heart Association offers “Thank You” gifts to students that range from prize level 1-12.  Central Manor was scheduled to receive our “Thank You” prize box at the beginning of April.  Because of the events surrounding the pandemic, shipments were delayed.  I just received notification from the American Heart Association that our school prizes were shipped, but to a storage warehouse until Central Manor is safe to reopen.  At that time, our school will receive the shipment and I will discuss with administration the safest way to distribute prizes to qualifying students.  If your child is no longer in the district or starting middle school next year, I will make every effort to make sure their prizes reach them once schools reopen.  I appreciate your patience with distribution during this unprecedented time.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Thank you!

Jason Binkley

Health/Physical Education

Central Manor Elementary