Leadership Thoughts from Miss Boyd’s 2nd Grade

The ‘Leader in Me” movement continues to amaze us all at Central Manor.  Please read and enjoy this sample of passages from a recent writing lesson in Miss Boyd’s 2nd grade classroom.  (We’re quoting them word for word!)

“I’m a leader in school.  Responsibility is my best leadership quality.  I’m responsible for my actions and everything I do.” – Adam

“At Central Manor we practice leadership.  I listen to every adult and I make sure that I use manners.” – Nicole

“Being a leader is important to me.  I have a great attitude.  When someone had no one to play with I would play with them.” – Alaynis

“At Central Manor we practice leadership.  I am a leader in my classroom.  I am responsible because I hand in homework and I take care of my things.” – Abby

“My school is a remarkable school and to keep it that way I will encourage others.  I’m going to encourage others by saying “good try.”  Central Manor is a leadership school and I’m a leader too!” – Catherine

“A leader is the best thing to be.  A leader is what I am.” – Justin

“I am a leader in 2-B’s classroom.  Encouraging others is the best leadership quality.  I encourage others by helping my friend with math and science.” – Kaitlyn