Ned’s Kindness Adventure

One of our world class performers will bring this unforgettable adventure to Central Manor. Using storytelling, music, interactive videos, magical illusions and audience participation, students will go on a journey to Africa. Ned’s Adventure has partnered with Bidii Primary school in Nairobi, Kenya, who invited us (and our friend, NED, a lovable cartoon character) to visit their beautiful country. Although there was some fear and reluctance at first because of the differences, we quickly learn that we have something in common with the kids in Kenya that can break down barriers… a kind heart and a caring attitude.

NED’s Kindness Adventure assembly can support initiatives for developing a positive and caring school climate. Its proactive approach aims to prevent many forms of mistreatment, including bullying, by showcasing the sense of satisfaction that takes place when a child chooses to show kindness, respect and acceptance. 

Please click on the link below to learn more about Ned’s Kindness Adventure, coming to CM September 19th!