Olympic Day

Olympic Day is coming to Central Manor!

 KAM/1/2 Tuesday, May 14th 9:15-11:15

KPM/3/4 Tuesday, May 14th 1:15-3:15

5/6 Wednesday, May 15th 1:15-3:15

Each class has been assigned a team color to wear on Olympic Day. 

Saxton                   Blue

Devenburgh          Red

Shover                   Green

 Mattern                Yellow

Delong                  Orange

 Mader                  Purple

 Kyle                      Gray

Eichler                  Gold

Treier                   Blue

Collins                  Red

Stephan                Green

Wise                     Yellow

Jones                   Orange

Piatt                     Purple

Wiggins               Gray

Neumann            Gold

Birch                    Blue

O’Donnell            Red 

Purzycki              Green

Loreto                 Yellow

Brinkman            Orange

Schoelkopf          Purple

Kersic                  Gray

Feaster                Gold

  • All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle (no glass) from home if possible on Olympic Day.  It is also recommended that students have their name written somewhere on the water bottle to avoid confusion.  Water will be available outside to refill bottle if needed.