Principal’s Desk

Welcome to Central Manor Elementary School!

Central Manor Elementary School is rurally located just a stone’s throw away from Millersville University in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  We are a K-6 building that houses approximately 600 students. We value the interconnected relationships between our students, teachers, parents, and Penn Manor community that help make our school an exciting place to learn.

From the Desk of Mr. Malek:

These are exciting times for those who work in education.  We are living in perhaps the biggest paradigm shift of the last fifty years.   Our world is getting flatter.  Central Manor students can connect with students in India with just the click of a mouse.   The skills many students needed to graduate fifty years ago are vastly different from our 21st Century students, who many come into kindergarten knowing how to work a tablet or smartphone just as effectively as an adult.  While much of our school content has changed, as we have aligned our curriculum to the PA Core Standards, some skills remain timeless.  At Central Manor, we feel character development is equally as important as the academic curriculum.

Our character traits of the month for 2022-2023 school year are:  kindness, teamwork, growth mindset, empathy, patience, tolerance, confidence, responsibility and perseverance.

At Central Manor we help “Plant Seeds of Good Character.”   To help clarify our motto a bit, we have a school garden located in the back of our building that has been a tremendous addition to our school for many years.  We incorporate learning activities, garden events, and sometimes, it’s just a great place for classrooms to visit and read silently!

I understand that parents send us their most precious possession each and every day.  Our school strives to ensure that each child learns in a safe environment, gets treated with dignity and respect, and of course receives a quality education that provides rigorous challenges.

I consider it a privilege and an honor to help assist your child grow each and every day.


Brian Malek

P.S. – “Here we go Steelers, here we go!”