PTO Minute

Thanks for keeping an eye out for and CLIPPING & SAVING Box Tops!  This year, we will have TWO “Box Top Blitzes” – one in the Fall (deadline of Nov. 1) and one in the Spring (deadline of March 1).  Each class will compete for a prize, so starting NOW, anytime you send in Box Tops to the office, be sure to put them in an envelope/bag with your child’s classroom teacher CLEARLY marked so that your child’s class will get credit that counts toward the “Blitz”!  (Kindergarten parents – don’t forget to put “AM” or “PM” for your child’s class!).  Please also note that (1) you DO NOT have to trim them – they can be simply torn off if that makes your life easier! and (2) General Mills will NOT accept expired Box Tops so please do not include those.  Help us earn FREE MONEY for Central Manor!









One BOX TOP = 10 cents!