Safe Schools Update for CM Parents

Central Manor Parents,

There are two important changes that our school is adopting for the 2015-2016 school year.  As always, communication is important in making such changes.  We recognize the importance of our visitors and volunteers.  With such tremendous challenges we face every day, our role as educators would be much harder without your support.  We also understand the need to constantly review our school policies to best provide an atmosphere that places your child’s safety as a top priority.  Having shared WHY we have made these changes, please help us enforce these two important changes to our building.

  1.  All volunteers will be asked for their car keys upon checking into the office.  You will be given a RED VISITOR LANYARD to wear around your neck.  In previous years, you were asked to wear a badge.  The RED VISITOR LANYARD will clearly be seen by all of our staff and students from all distances and angles.  Upon leaving, simply stop back at the office to return your lanyard and you will be given your car keys that correspond to your lanyard number.
  2. Lunch Visitation:  We understand that the occasional lunch visit from a parent brings unforgettable smiles from the children.   (And you can’t beat a Central Manor school lunch!)  For all lunch visitors, if you choose to spend a few extra moments on the playground, we are now only limiting the visitation to the playground.  Visitors may not include classroom visits during our lunch hour.  Also, please refrain from taking any photos of our children on the playground.  *Please contact the school office in advance of your lunch visit.*

Also – please remember that all parent drop-offs in the morning and pick-ups in the afternoon occur at the lower, side parking lot.  We understand first day jitters and completely realize that some might need that extra support from parents to walk them to the front of the building, but as we transition into the first week of September, please use the side entrance for drop-off and pick-up.

If you have any questions about these policy changes or would like to discuss them in greater detail, please contact Mr. Malek via e-mail at: or call the school office at 872-1401.