Teacher Holiday Wish Lists

This year we are starting a new project called “Teacher Holiday Wish Lists.” This optional project gives families an opportunity to donate items to their teachers that can be used in the classroom instead of giving personal gifts. We asked Central Manor teachers to provide us with a list of things that they could use in their classrooms, such as dry erase markers, books, board games, hand sanitizer, etc. We created tags with these items, which will be displayed in the lobby, and invite you to choose something to donate to your child’s classroom. The tags are color coded and uniquely shaped to make it easy for you to find. Simply take the tag once you have chosen the item you wish to donate, purchase the item and give it to your child’s teacher. The “Wish List” will be on display beginning Wednesday, November 8th until the holiday break.

To help location your child’s grade level, here is the color key (Teacher is listed on the label):

Kindergarten- Star (Noll- Yellow, Kinser- Pink)

Grade 1- Leaf (Devenburgh- Salmon, Mattern- Yellow, Appel- Orange, Saxton- Brown)

Grade 2- Mitten (DeLong- Salmon, Cornell- Yellow, Mader- Orange, Kyle- Brown)

Grade 3- Heart (Collins- Salmon, Stephan- Yellow, Treier- Orange, Wise- Brown)

Grade 4- Bell (Eichler- Salmon, Jones- Yellow, Piatt-Orange, Wiggins- Brown)

Grade 5- Shamrock (Birch- Salmon, O’Donnell-Yellow, Loreto- Orange, Purzycki-Brown)

Grade 6- Apple (Becker- Salmon, Brinkman- Yellow, Garvey- Orange, Schoelkopft- Brown)

If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at, 717.872-1401. Thank you.