Virtual Back to School

Although we wish circumstances were different and we could welcome each and every one of our families into our building, we realize the need to adjust our practices.

This year, we bring to you a virtual back to school night in hopes that you will have a greater understanding of your child’s classroom and teacher practices.

Click HERE to take a virtual tour of our building.

Check out the CM staff by clicking on their names below!

Mrs. Glenn – KDG

Mrs. Kinser – KDG

Mrs. Devenburgh – 1st Grade

Mrs. Mattern – 1st Grade

Mrs. Saxton – 1st Grade

Mrs. Eichler – 2nd Grade

Mrs. DeLong – 2nd Grade

Mrs. Kyle – 2nd Grade

Mrs. Mader – 2nd Grade

Mrs. McNeely – 3rd Grade (in for Mrs. Collins)

Mrs. Stephan – 3rd Grade

Mrs. Treier – 3rd Grade

Mrs. Wise – 3rd Grade

Mrs. Neumann – 4th Grade

Mrs. Piatt – 4th Grade

Mr. Soto – 4th Grade

Mrs. Wiggins – 4th Grade

Mr. Nolt – 5th Grade

Mrs. Loreto – 5th Grade

Mrs. O’Donnell – 5th Grade

Miss Winder – 5th Grade

Mrs. Brinkman – 6th Grade

Miss Feaster – 6th Grade

Mr. Kersic – 6th Grade

Mrs. Schoelkopf – 6th Grade

Mrs. Flores – Academic Support

Mrs. Johnson – Academic Support

Miss O’Brien – Academic Support

Miss Martin – Learning Support

Miss Shemonski – Learning Support

Mr. Sellers – Gifted Education

Miss Tracy – Speech

Mrs. Compton – Art

Mr. Binkley – Physical Education

Mr. Andrew – Applied Engineering

Mrs. Repkoe – Music

Mrs. Painter – Library

Mrs. Houck – ESL

Ms. Almoney – Instrumental Music

Mrs. Gentile – School Psychologist