Water Street Rescue Mission’s Dental Clinic

Water Street Rescue Mission’s Dental Clinic is hosting a free dental sealant day on Saturday, February 27, from 8 AM- 12 noon.

FREE ORAL EXAM, BITE WING X-RAYS and SEALANTS for Uninsured Children ages 5-16

An examination will be provided by a Dentist and the sealants will be placed by Dental Hygienists’ and Expanded Function Dental Assistants on the child’s permanent molars at the Water Street Dental Clinic.

CALL:  Water Street Health Services at: 717-917-6743.
Leave your name and phone number.  We will return your call to set up an appointment for your child.

*The dental hygienist for Penn Manor School District- Tina Hoefel will be assisting*

 ~ Space is limited ~

“Not Affiliated with Penn Manor School District”